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Allright. Ever since Yesterday, The XP Drop, DA has gotten VERY Hard to use. Even MORE Then normal. I'm Not Likely To Respond Much, I'm VERY Sorry.. But I've Crashed 5 Times On Here. I'm NOT Ignoreing You all.....I'm Getting a new Computer When I Move So...... See you all then. 

If You want To TALK to me, Comment or Note.. We Can Go Here -->

I'm not there NOW But Yeah -n-' Sorry Guys.
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Miles "Tails" Prower
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Click Me!

Click Me!

Pain...Pain With Out Love... Pain,Cant Get Enough
Hello... Your Pain is my Pleasure
Your Screams My reward~
If you Encounter me...
Better Pray To Your Lord!
:icontimetogotosleep: Jeff The Killer.
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Info: ((Template Borrowed From --Exe))
Name- Miles "Tails" Prower,Tails.Exe
Nicknames: Exe,TE,Foxy
Occupation- Adventurer,Demon
Gender- Male.
Status- "Alive"
Blood Type- B
Hair Color-Rusty Gold
Eye Color- Black/red
Likes- His Friends,Family,Pokemon, Flickys,Hugs,Sometimes Hunting,Good Things,Other Exe
Dislikes- Being Hurt, His Friends Being Hurt, Bullys,Teasing, Going Insane, HEROBRINE.
Age- 16
Sexual Orientation- Straight. Mated To AskNight-Exe

Twin-tailed propelled flight
Supersonic Flying Speed
Hand-To-Hand Combat Skills
Experience swimmer
High acrobatic skills and reflexes
Extremely talented and clever mechanic and inventor
Expert air pilot and aerial fighter
Excellent driving skills
Harnessing Chaos Energy
Hyper Mode initiation -As Stated Below
Super Transformation- Harder For Him Being Dead
All EXE Powers
"Twisted" Mode.-A Type Of Power Boost From Being So Stressed He Goes Insane.
Magic Casting-Fire,Thunder,Ice,water And Heal.

Other Info~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~Pokemon Trainer~~~~~~
Active Team:
Bash: Grey EXE Cubone,…
Level: 90
Moveset: Bone Club,Headbutt,Sword Dance,Return
Fish:Male,Power House
Level: 60
Moveset: Surf,Icebeam,DragonPulse,Dragondance
Ladybug: Female,STILL Cutie
Attacks:Take Down,Dig,Iron Head,Autotomize
Esper:Male,Mind Master.
Level: 50
Moveset: Psycho Cut,Hyper Beam,Recover,ThunderPunch
Level: 50
Moveset: Firepunch,ShadowBall,Darkpulse,Psychic
Haze: Male,Ace-in-the-Hole
Attacks:Rockslide,Inferno,Air Slash,Dragon Claw

Attacks: Transform,Metronome,Hyper Beam,Calm Mind

In Reserve:
Slowpoke,Meowth,"Muckanite",Hypno,Shiny Crobat.

~~~~~~~~~~~In The Pokemon World~~~~~~~~~~~

Virizion Is Teaching And Training TE In The Arts To Be A "Sword Of Justice". He Carrys A "Scared Grass Sword" Given By The Legend.


:iconno-eyed-glitch: Has Shot Out His.. I Belive RIGHT Eye. And Sparked A Life Long Hatred.

TE Has Also Been To The IZ World,And Befriended :iconthe-cupcakes-prodigy: AND :iconaskzadrdib:
He Even Has A FORM From That World ....----> the-cupcakes-prodigy.deviantar…

TE Has Been To Equestria And Has A PONY Form ---->…
And Has Met :iconaskmisspinkamena: Along With Other Ponys... Like :iconmolestiaplz:

TE Has Been To Metropolis And Met And Befriended :iconask-clark-kent: Who He REALLY Seems To Trust. Hes Not Been There Much......

TE Has Flown Around With :iconask-slippy: In A Arwing And Had Lunch A Few Times. The Two Are Friends.Also Met :iconask-fox: A Few Times.

TE Has Been Befriended :iconask-crash-bandicoot:..Though The Two Din't Start As Friends....But They Get Along Now.

But A Highlight Is TE Met :iconask-minish-vio: And A Few Other Minsh,Met The Hero Of Time,Ectra. His Fave World.

So Many Adventures,So Much To Add. He Met :icontruebluehero: And A Bunch Of Others, And Currently Stays Here.

The Zone Of His Birth And Rebirth... Killed By :iconyou-cant-run:, He Serves The Exe. Also Has MANY Adventures With :iconaskzero-exe: Such The Tojo Emeralds,And Travleing To The Dream World...

Bash.EXE :REQUESTED: by iRainbowDashie
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RivalCalem 4 hours ago  New member
The male rose an eyebrow at first seeing the undead fox, but shook it off.
"Thanks for the watch...and are you okay?" He asked curious.
The air suddenly went eerily cold, and a very dark presence could be felt... the dark entity materialized behind the poor, undead shadow of Tails which he created. A light, but sharp tap was felt on his shoulder. "Hello, boy. Enjoying Death?" , he cooed. 
HuederonVis7140Z 10 hours ago  Student General Artist
Thanks for fave!
Much appreciated.
Tarble wanders alone in the world of the exe as he spots a young dead fox with blood dripping from his eyes, "H-Hello, w-who a-are y-you?". He asked the fox with a scared look.
Radven 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot for the :+fav:!!!
FluffyBish 2 days ago  New member Student Digital Artist
// My my! Many thanks for the watch, friend! owo //

Squinted red eyes skimmed over the area in which he did not recognize. The Salesman had remembered being by a lake while talking to BEN and somehow he had ended up here. He stood up and took a step forward, only to stumble and fall back to the ground.
He then realized how lightweight his step was. He slowly looked back, and to his despair, his backpack was missing. Anger flashed through his body like a shockwave of heat. He stood up, his pointed ears pressed against his head due to the heavy feeling of anger, and he began his search for the backpack that once held all of his masks.
All one could see would be a small figure desperately looking around, hoping that some miracle would bring him his backpack.
(( Very welcome. c8.. ))

* off a ways from the lone man, the EXE was scroungeing around for something to eat. This world had gone to hell, REALLY, as of late.. and prey was scarce and hunger high.... His keen,red eyes caught sight of movement.... A  Human?... no.. his nose said other wise... something.....DIFFRENT... falling to his four "paws"... he starts to Stalk twords the other...Hopeing for an easy Meal.*

(( Forgive my fail and Spelling >.<.. crappy computer ^^')
gizmounicorn Apr 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
i turned into a exe all of a sudden when i woke up this morning(you can hear very VERY quiet sobbing).all it was that i awoke in a dream,creepy image,then i awoke in reality as a exe...I think I've fainted. 
SHADOW-WOLF01 5 days ago  Student General Artist
Tell me about it! I woke in a different dimension as an EXE, and it was as hard as hell getting back here!
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